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Animal Welfare

Recognizing & Responding to Animal Cruelty: Video Presentation

Veterinarians and the veterinary team are on the front line of confronting animal neglect and cruelty. Experts with the ASPCA’s Animal Forensic Sciences Team discuss your important roles and responsibilities in addressing animal welfare, plus the critical identification and documentation of neglect and abuse. Refine what you know. Learn what you might not know.

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Recognizing the Signs of Abuse

Animal abuse victims come to the attention of the veterinarian in a variety of ways. It is a misconception by many veterinarians that clients who abuse their pets will not seek veterinary care for them.

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Reporting Suspected Cases of Animal Abuse

Good faith reporting of animal abuse does not require that the veterinarian know for a fact that the animal has been abused, but only that a reasonable suspicion exists based on the historical findings and physical examination of the patient. In Oregon, veterinarians are required by law to report suspected cases of aggravated animal abuse.

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