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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, the elected officers of the OVMA, plus eight elected regional directors. The Board is charged with shaping, directing and carrying out OVMA policies and guidelines. Ex-officio members of the Board also include a representative from allied industry, practice managers, and technicians. The OVMA Executive Director serves in a non-voting capacity.

The Executive Board has the authority to conduct urgent business that cannot wait between regular meetings of the Board of Directors. Meetings of the Executive Board are determined and directed by the President, with the assistance of the Executive Director.

Executive Committee

Dr. Charles Hurty


Grove Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Lynn Healy


Family Pet Clinic

Dr. Gail Colbern
Vice President


Greensprings Veterinary Service

Dr. Jill Parker
Past President



Glenn Kolb
Executive Director


Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
1880 Lancaster Dr NE, Suite 118, Salem, OR 97305
Phone: (800) 235-3502 or (503) 399-0311
Fax: (503) 363-4218

Regional Directors (Listed by District)

Director, District 1
Counties: Baker, Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Union, Umatilla, Wallowa, Wasco

Director, District 2
Counties: Benton,
Lane, Lincoln, Linn
Director, District 3
Counties: Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington, Yamhill

Dr. Heidi Houchen
Director, District 4
Counties: Clackamas, Hood, Multnomah
VCA NW Veterinary Specialists
Director, District 5
Counties: Marion, Polk

Director, District 6
Counties: Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine

Dr. Liz Gray
Director, District 7
Counties: Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Klamath, Lake, Wheeler
Wavelength Veterinary Service

Dr. Michael Huber
Director, District 8
Represents the College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University

OSU Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine


AVMA Delegates and Representative

Dr. Doug McInnis
AVMA Delegate

West Ridge Animal Clinic
Klamath Falls

Dr. Charles Meyer
AVMA Alternate Delegate
Applegate Animal Clinic
Grants Pass

Dr. Sandy Willis
AVMA District XI Representative
Phoenix Lab/Zoetis
Mukileto, WA


Past Presidents

1925 E.R. Derflinger 
1926 Unknown 
1927 Unknown 
1928 Unknown 
1929 Unknown 
1930 Unknown 
1931 J.A. Flanigan
1932 F.W. Lang
1933 W. Ferguson
1934 J.N. Shaw 
1935 R.J. Nicol 
1936 T.R. Phelps
1937 Elwyn W. Coon
1938 Otto Ruehle 
1939 Unknown 
1940 Fay Rankin
1941 S.E. Philips
1942 Herb Muth 
1943 Herb Muth 
1944 E.E. Chase 
1945 H.A. Wheeler 
1946 N.E. Johnson 
1947 G.H. Huthman 
1948 Walt W. Weller
1949 Larry G. Soderholm Sr.
1950 C.J. Bjork 
1951 Carl R. Howarth 
1952 C.F. Milleson
1953 Ernie L. Henkel 
1954 Ralph R. Younce
1955 Unknown 
1956 L.M. Koger
1957 Kermit J. Petersen
1958 W. H. Steele
1959 Dallen H. Jones
1960 Roy H. Peterson 
1961 Ray C. Storey
1962 Stan E. McGough
1963 Richard E. Koenig
1964 Glen E. Schwenke 
1965 Jack E. Hardesty
1966 James L. Adams
1967 Billy D. Kuhl
1968 Phil R. Morgan
1969 Edward L. Holden
1970 Austin W. Eivers 
1971 Joe T. Riker
1972 Ralph J. Plamondon
1973 Walt J. Krebs
1974 Doug P. Philips 
1975 Don E. Bailey
1976 Dean H. Smith 
1977 James E. Hoffman
1978 Thomas B. Carey
1979 Jackson Minar
1980 Doug K. Whitsett 
1981 Bruce E. Edwards 
1982 Kenneth R. Behrends 
1983 Leo J. van Dijk 
1984 Stanley E. Blinkhorn
1985 Richard D. Reid
1986 Robert P. Whittaker
1987 Richard E. Coon 
1988 Scott G. Hendy 
1989 Robert J. Anderson 
1990 Alvin W. Smith 
1991 Richard S. Werner 
1992 Susan C. Loomis 
1993 Robert E. Huckfeldt 
1994 DuWayne A. Penfold 
1995 Howard C. Wagner 
1996 Michael A. Foland 
1997 William Barry 
1998 Robert Franklin 
1999 Steven Brown 
2000 Jerry Boggs 
2001 Doug Corey 
2002 Carol Helfer
2003 Tim Reid 
2004 Kurt Schrader 
2005 Tom Keck 
2006 Doug McInnis 
2007 Linda Blythe 
2008 Jacqui Neilson 
2009 Scott Loepp 
2010 Robert Shimek 
2010 Keith Sides
2011 Laird Goodman 
2012 Sheri Morris 
2013 Todd McNabb 
2014 Steve Amsberry 
2015 Charles Meyer 
2016 Jean Hall 
2017 Robert Franklin 
2018 Amelia Simpson 
2019 Connie White
2020 Tim McCarthy
2021 Heidi Houchen
2022 Gail Schroder
2023 Jill Parker
2024 Charles Hurty

Updated: March 15, 2024