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Animal Welfare

Animal Abandonment

A person that relinquishes his or her responsibility for an animal, including horses, without providing for continued care of that animal, commits a Class B misdemeanor in Oregon.

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Animal Abuse & Human Violence: The Link

Several academic studies have identified a clear connection between animal abuse and violence against humans. The undeniable link between animal abuse and violence towards people has been well-documented by researchers who say this tie-in can be a component and a symptom of child, spousal and elder abuse.

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Animal Hoarding

Most veterinarians will eventually encounter animal hoarders. Animal hoarding presents a complex societal dilemma.

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Animal Welfare Links & Resources

Your OVMA staff researches animal welfare topics and follows a wide range of Web sites to gather information and to learn what the organizations behind the sites are addressing.

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Animal Welfare Overview

Animals are used by man for many purposes, including the production of food and clothing, companionship, recreation, scientific research and education. Society as a whole has the responsibility to ensure that the welfare of the animals is unacceptably compromised.

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Forms for Documenting Animal Abuse Cases

The forms and charts that follow are intended to provide you with a guide to the types of evidence that needs to be collected in order to assist law enforcement in their investigation. If a necropsy is necessary, it is recommended that you retain the services of a veterinary pathologist.

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