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Protecting Animals: Our Shared Mission

Protecting Animals: Our Shared Mission

Welfare issues that are being addressed by legislators need experienced and reasoned input from the veterinary profession. Laws and ordinances that affect animals and that come under consideration at the local or state level necessitate the veterinary perspective. Following are several examples of our commitment to better animal welfare and support for the human-animal bond.

Unchained tethered dogs

Working with law enforcement agencies and various humane groups, we helped to establish a new law limiting the number of hours that a dog can be tethered to a stationary object or zip line. The law also establishes clearer and reasonable definitions for housing and prohibits the use of choke chains and prong collars on dogs that are tethered.  

Rescued good legislation from being shuttered

The OVMA met privately with a reluctant committee chairman and persuaded him to conduct a hearing on a bill that would elevate the offense for the most heinous crime against animals from a misdemeanor to a Class C felony. With our support the bill moved out of committee, was approved in the House and Senate, and enacted into law.

Helping you to understand animal neglect and abuse

To help veterinarians better understand their critical role in recognizing, identifying and documenting such crimes against animals, the OVMA has published and distributed a booklet on the subject. Additional resources can be accessed in our Animal Welfare section, and we also have addressed the topic as part of the Animal Welfare Track at the Oregon Veterinary Conference.

Supported tougher penalties for animal crimes

The OVMA hosted a working group at the Association’s office to shape legislation that improved minimum care standards for animals and that strengthened Oregon’s penalties for neglect and abuse. Participation included the livestock industries, humane organizations and animal control agencies.