Oregon Veterinary Conference

Live Event was March 5 - 7, 2021 | All Sessions Now On-Demand

On-Demand Sessions Now Available

If you couldn't attend the live event, or if you still want to register, all of the sessions from the 2021 Oregon Veterinary Conference are now available for streaming on-demand on the event site.

Register today for access! Browse the event site to check out all of the sessions available to registrants.

You can view sessions for credit for one full year from the date of the live event.

Veterinarians can earn the OVMEB-required 1 CE hour each on the judicious use of antibiotics as well as analgesia and anesthetic methods.

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CE Credit

Looking for your CE credit record for the 2021 OVC?

  1. Go to the event site.
  2. Login to the event site if needed.
  3. In the top right corner, click on Edit my profile then click on the CEU tab.


Register for access to all of the sessions from the 2021 Oregon Veterinary Conference—from the comfort of your home or hospital.

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Speakers & Topics

The following list includes just a few of the many great speakers and topics we have for you at OVC 2021!

Companion Animal

Dr. Ellen Behrend | Clinical Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus
Professor in the Department of Clinic Sciences at Auburn University and a leading author of AAHA’s guidelines for managing diabetes

Dr. Tammy Grubb | Anesthesia & Pain Management
Consultant and practitioner with Riverview Animal Clinic in Eastern Washington
Sponsored by Elanco

Dr. Justine Lee | Toxicology & Emergency Medicine
CEO and founder of VetGirl, former associate director of the Pet Poison Helpline in Minnesota, and author of several textbooks and book chapters
Sponsored by Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Dr. Jody Lulich | Urology & Urinary
Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Minnesota, and Co-Director of the Urolith Center
Sponsored by Zoetis

Dr. Jamie Schorling | Ophthalmology
Associate veterinarian with Bliss Animal Eye Care in Central Point, Oregon

Dr. Aaron Smiley | Telemedicine
Chief-of-Staff with two pet practices in Central Indiana and a consultant and speaker on telehealth

Dr. Scott Weese | COVID-19, Antibiotic Resistance
Associate Professor in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph, and the author of the Worms & Germs Blog
Sponsored by Lakefield Veterinary Group

Equine & Food Animal

Dr. Tammy Grubb | Anesthesia & Pain Management
Consultant and practitioner with Riverview Animal Clinic in Eastern Washington

Dr. Harold McKenzie | Internal Medicine, Antibiotic Resistance
Professor of Large Animal Medicine, Virginia-Maryland, and President of the ACVIM Board of Regents

Dr. Nathan Slovis | Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Director of the McGee Critical Care and Medical Center at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Julie Gard Schnuelle | Small Ruminant Reproduction
Professor Large Animal/Food Animal Department of Clinical Sciences, Auburn University

Technicians & Assistants

Megan Brashear, CVT, VTS: Purdue University | Emergency Medicine, Communication, Wellness
As an international speaker, Ms. Brashear brings more than 20 years of experience to her sessions to help teams improve patient care and enhance communications.

Heidi Reuss-Lamky, LVT, VTS: Oakland Veterinary Referral Services | Anesthesia, Sterilization & Disinfection, Fear-Free
Ms. Reuss-Lamky is a prolific author and lecturer, presenting anesthesia, surgical nursing, and Fear-Free-related topics at veterinary meetings.

Practice Leadership

Darren Osborne, MA: Ontario Veterinary Medical Association | Fees, Wages, Labor Market
Mr. Osborne surveys thousands of pet owners to find out what they think about veterinarians, services, and fees.


What’s included in my registration?

Registrants have access to all 60+ hours of 2021 OVC sessions and speaker proceedings via the OVC virtual platform, as well as CE verification.

Can I share my registration with my colleagues?

No, multiple individuals may not share a single registration. Your access information is unique to you and can only be used to log in on one device at a time. Furthermore, only valid registrants can claim CE verification for license renewal purposes. The OVC will not verify CE credit for anyone who is not registered. Additionally, registrants are not permitted to record speaker videos or sell speaker content to unregistered individuals or companies.

How do I register?

You can register by mailing or faxing in the hard copy registration form, or by registering online.

Can I register multiple people from our clinic/organization all at once?

You can register up to 10 people in one submission through our online registration form.

I need to pay by check. How do I register?

Registrants are able to pay by check by submitting the hard copy registration form by mail along with your payment.

Do I have to provide my e-mail address?

Yes. Not only is this your primary identifier to ensure that all your information is linked to you, but you will also use it to login to the OVC virtual platform. Please do not unsubscribe from or opt out of receiving emails from OVMA (OVC), as this will prevent you from receiving your login information.

Can I use OVC online sessions for CE credit?

Yes, if you are a licensed veterinarian or licensed technician in Oregon. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board allows all CE to be obtained online. If you are a registrant from another state, you will need to check your licensing board from that state for the latest information on CE.

Are OVC sessions RACE approved?

No. The RACE application process would involve a review of all OVC sessions and cost several thousands of dollars for approval, which would have to be passed on to registrants. Therefore, the OVC did not file for RACE approval.

Will I be able to access proceedings from the OVC speakers?

Yes, provided we receive proceedings from the speaker. These materials will be available on the OVC virtual platform during the live event and for one year following the event.

Are there any restrictions on what sessions I can view?


Will I receive a CE certificate?

Registered attendees will be able to obtain a CE certificate through their profile on the OVC virtual platform.

What devices can I use to access the virtual conference?

You can access the conference from any device with an internet connection and a Web browser: desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet.

How do I access the OVC virtual platform?

Registrants receive an e-mail with access instructions.

If I have technical difficulties, can someone help me?

Our service provider (Pathable) offers support through the conference Web site. The OVMA is not responsible for attendee technology and/or equipment failures that prevent access to the OVC virtual platform.


Proceedings will be available to 2021 registrants via the virtual event platform.

Proceedings Archive

Note: To access the notes from a specific conference, you will need the attendee login information from that event. Questions?

2021 Sponsors

Dr. Justine Lee


Dr. Scott Weese

Dr. Tamara Grubb (Companion Animal Sessions)

Dr. Jody Lulich | Dr. Sandy Willis

Dr. Joe Gillespie