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Responsible Ownership

Estate Planning for Equine and Farm Owners

Anyone with assets, family, children or horses should evaluate an estate plan. If you have children, a will is necessary to ensure that if you die, you (and not a judge) have chosen a guardian for them. For those of us with horses, remember that with proper care and a little luck, horses can live for 25 to 30 years, sometimes even outliving their owners.

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Selecting a Veterinarian

Selecting a veterinarian is a personal choice, much like selecting your family physician or dentist. In selecting a veterinarian, your goals should be to find the doctor that best meets your needs and to establish a long-term relationship.

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Understanding the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

The OVMA office receives calls from owners asking for clarification as to why their veterinarian requires their animal to have a health exam prior to a prescription being filled, a vaccine being administered, or other health services being performed. By Oregon law, a licensed veterinarian must have a valid Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship with you and your animal in order to provide veterinary services.

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