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Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases can affect your clients, their owners and the public at large. The veterinarian plays an important role in identifying these diseases, some of which may have the potential to become outbreaks in the animal or human population. A summary of various zoonotic diseases, valuable for both client and practitioner education, can be found in our Animal Care & Health Zoonotic Diseases section.

Evaluating & Reporting Animal Bite Cases

Veterinarians, physicians, animal control personnel, law enforcement officials, or animal owners with knowledge of humans being bitten by potentially rabid animals are required to report such incidents to their local health department (LHD) within one working day.

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Rabies Compendium (2016)

The National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV) provided the 2016 revision of the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control for your use.

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Reporting Zoonoses of Veterinary Importance

Report veterinary and zoonotic diseases to the State Public Health Veterinarian, who will compile and distribute the results to the veterinary community. Participation helps the veterinary community know what the diseases are occurring in your area and throughout the state.

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