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Human Resources

Associate Contracts

It is a good business practice to reduce any important verbal agreement to writing. An Associate Agreement is no exception and should be written and signed by both parties. 

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Contracts and Restrictive Covenants

After you and your potential employer have discussed expectations, including salary, benefits and hours, and you feel confident it is the right position for you, it is time to come to an agreement on the details of your employment.

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Veterinary hospitals work to establish staffing models that allow them to maximize patient care and control operating costs. One of the critical calculations within any successful staffing model is to identify the right number of DVM “hours” to have available to spread over the number of hours the hospital itself is open.

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Improving Staff Utilization: Doing More with Less

Improved staff utilization is a more critical element of successful practices now than ever before. Practices that want to become more profitable can no longer just count on fee increases to achieve this goal. Improved profitability and patient care must come from improved business practices.

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