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Delivering Bad News: A Crucial Conversation

Bad news has been defined as “any news that drastically and negatively alters the person’s view of her or his future.” A more inclusive definition of bad news is “…situations where there is either a feeling of no hope, a threat to a person’s mental or physical well-being, a risk of upsetting an established lifestyle, or where a message is given which conveys to an individual fewer choices in his or her life.”

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Euthanasia Decision-Making: Raising a Difficult Topic

Veterinarians are obligated to both the pet and the client to initiate and facilitate euthanasia discussions when they know that death is near.  End-of-life discussions clarify the client’s wishes regarding the pet’s death, help minimize regrets about how the pet’s death was handled, enable the client to make decisions ahead of time, and allow the client to cope with the death of their pet. 

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Forward Booking Revisited

Forward booking is one of the easiest ways to take control of your schedule. In addition to being a more efficient process, forward booking also sends the message to clients about how important appointments and exams are for their pet. 

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Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act

The Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act is a law that requires businesses, organizations, government agencies, and individuals that collect and maintain personally identifying information to ensure the security of that information.

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