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Controlled Substances

The OVMA office receives numerous questions about controlled substances, ranging from which drugs are controlled substances, how to secure them, how to write prescriptions for them, and what to do if these drugs go missing. Following are resources intended to assist the practice in managing their controlled substance inventory.

Cannabis and Veterinary Medicine

While hemp is no longer a controlled substance, CBD products derived from it that have not been evaluated and approved by the FDA for use in animals are considered unapproved animal drugs. Currently, there are no hemp-derived CBD products approved for use in animals.

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DEA License

Any veterinarian who orders, dispenses, prescribes or administers controlled substances should be registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

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Employee Access to Controlled Drugs

The DEA requires each registrant to keep the number of employees who can access the controlled drug safe to a minimum necessary for operations and to screen employees to determine eligibility for access. 

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