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Support VOTE PAC

Support VOTE PAC

As a veterinarian, you know how important it is for our profession to impact public policy and awareness on issues that range from animal health and welfare to public health to small business concerns. One very effective way to ensure that OVMA remains “at the table” and have our voice heard is with your participation in VOTE PAC (Veterinarians Organized to Elect).

OVMA’s advocacy isn’t about your politics, it is about your profession. And with your support we are able to:

  • Support state legislators who are supportive of the veterinary profession.
  • Allow veterinary professionals to magnify their individual voices.
  • Help OVMA build relationships with legislators, often through grassroots outreach.
  • Provide a bipartisan approach for the OVMA and our team at the Capitol to advocate for you and your patients.

Your support is simple, easy, and only costs you an envelope and a stamp.

Every Oregonian who will owe state income taxes can take advantage of this opportunity. This includes the entire veterinary practice team, allied industry representatives—and even their families and friends. Please help us better represent you!

Your voluntary contribution helps to maximize the ability of the OVMA’s legislative advocates (Lara Smith, Betsy Jones and Tom Barrows) to function at their fullest potential—to protect and preserve the profession’s legislative, and, at times, regulatory interests.

The State of Oregon is unique in that it allows you to make a contribution to VOTE PAC and, in return, receive a direct dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Oregon income tax form.

If you will be getting a refund from the State of Oregon, you will receive your $50 contribution (single return) or $100 contribution (married, filing jointly) back with your refund.

If you are paying taxes for this year, you will receive a tax credit of up to $50 for a single person or $100 for a married couple against Oregon income taxes owed.

Contribute to VOTE PAC and help direct one of the two amounts above to your profession. Either that or allow the state to keep your taxes. (Talk to your accountant about the benefit.)

Please send checks to: VOTE PAC, 4929 SE Winworth Ct, Milwaukie, OR 97222.

Corporate checks are acceptable, but cannot be designated as an ordinary business deduction.

Contributions for a calendar year must be received by December 31 of the year. Thank you for your support.

Updated: November 9, 2023