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Pet Medication Disposal

Pet Medication Disposal


Do you have pet medications that you no longer need?

Proper disposal of both pet and human prescription and over-the-counter medication is important for your family's safety and for the health of the environment.

Do not flush medications unless specifically instructed to do so on the drug packaging.

Take unneeded and expired medications to a drug take-back event or a local medication drop-off site.

If you cannot dispose of medications through a take-back event or drop-off site, you can dispose of them in your trash through the following methods.

  • Dry Materials: Place small quantities in trash bags.
  • Tablets & Capsules: Place in a resealable zipper bag, add a small amount of water so they dissolve, and seal the bag.
  • Liquids: Place cat litter or absorbent towels inside a resealable zipper bag, squirt or pour the medication into the absorbent, and seal the bag.

Mark out personal information on medication labels before disposing of bottles or packaging.

Updated: November 7, 2019