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Resources for Responsible Pet Ownership: Financial Options & Assistance

Resources for Responsible Pet Ownership: Financial Options & Assistance

A pet is an incredible source of joy and companionship. Along with these joys come the responsibilities of pet ownership, including: food, shelter, grooming, licensing, training, and regular examinations with a veterinarian. Those who wish to bring a pet into their families are encouraged to consider their ability to provide for the pet's care in these areas.

Additionally, pet owners should plan for the costs of unexpected illness or injury.

Potential Avenues for Meeting the Cost of Medical Expenses

  • Existing savings
  • Credit cards
  • Pet health insurance policies
  • Medical payment cards or payment plans, such as Care Credit or Scratchpay—ask your veterinarian if they participate in any of these programs
  • Proactive savings earmarked specifically for pet health care expenses
  • Ask your veterinarian if you can be put on a payment plan
  • Personal loan from family or friends
  • Garage sales, eBay sales, or a temporary second job
  • Crowdsourced funding, such as GoFundMe or others
  • Your veterinarian may have a fund to assist clients with unexpected expenses
  • Check with your veterinarian about whether they offer short-term promotions and discounts (for example, many veterinarians offer a discount on dental care during February, which is National Pet Dental Health month)

Tips for Saving Money on Pet Care Expenses

  • Shop for pet beds, toys and accessories at discount or chain stores. Some outlet-type stores have a pet section.
  • Rotate existing toys so that every few weeks "new" toys appear.
  • Shop at thrift stores. Buy used kids' toys that are suitable for pets.
  • Shop the clearance racks at the end of a season for pet toys and other supplies.
  • Save on pet food by reducing quantity, not quality. Many pets are overweight. A high-quality food fed in the appropriate portions for your pet's age and activity level will be better for your pet's waistline and you will save money by needing to buy less.
  • Schedule procedures such as vaccinations, dental cleanings or senior health exams during "discount" days or months; these discount periods are offered by most veterinarians.

Assistance in Oregon

Medical Expenses & Spay/Neuter Assistance

Pet Food Banks & Food Assistance

Unhoused & Low-Income Pet Owners

Quality of Life for Dogs

Updated: August 12, 2021

Note: The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association is neither responsible for, nor specifically endorses the content of, these Web sites. We offer these links as a courtesy; this is not an exhaustive list of all potential sources of aid. If you have specific questions or concerns about any of these sites, please contact the owner of the site. Pet owners are encouraged to contact these programs directly about their qualifications for assistance. Some of these sources of financial assistance may not be offering grants at this time.