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Emergency Care

Emergencies and disasters can happen when we least expect it. Cats who live indoors and dogs who are fenced or leashed will be less likely to encounter hazards from cars or predators.

It's also smart to prepare for the unexpected by preparing an emergency care kit, learning basic first aid, and knowing where you can take your pet for emergency veterinary care—before the emergency occurs.

Emergency Pet Care

In the event of an earthquake, fire, accident, or other emergency, it may be necessary for you to provide first aid to your pet. Pet first aid is immediate and temporary care given to your injured pet until it can be taken to a veterinarian for more definitive medical care and attention.

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Pet First Aid Kit

If you own a pet, make sure you have a first aid kit at home. Here are several items pet owners should have in a first aid kit.

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Pet Poison Safety Kit

Experts suggest having the following items on hand in case of pet poisoning or emergencies. Always make sure to speak with a poison control specialist prior to initiating any therapy at home. Do not give your pet any any over-the-counter human medication without speaking to a toxicologist or veterinary professional first!

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