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Disaster Preparedness

Emergencies and disasters can happen when we least expect it. Prepare for the unexpected by creating a disaster kit for your pets, learning basic first aid, and knowing where you can take your pet if you need to evacuate. Equine and large animal owners should also create disaster preparedness plans.

Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners

Earthquakes, floods, wildfires, hazardous material spills—disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. Put a preparedness plan in place now to keep you and your pets safe. Remember, your pets depend on you for their safety.

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Emergency Pet Care

In the event of an earthquake, fire, accident, or other emergency, it may be necessary for you to provide first aid to your pet. Pet first aid is immediate and temporary care given to your injured pet until it can be taken to a veterinarian for more definitive medical care and attention.

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Pet First Aid Kit

If you own a pet, make sure you have a first aid kit at home. Here are several items pet owners should have in a first aid kit.

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Wildfire Smoke & Animals

Health advisories issued for air quality also apply to animals. Smoke, ash and dust from wildfires affects pets, birds, horses, livestock and wildlife.

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