Recalls and Warnings

Pet product and veterinary drug recalls and warnings.

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09/20/2018 FDA Alerts Pet Owners and Veterinarians About Potential for Neurologic Adverse Events Associated with Certain Isoxazoline Class Flea and Tick Products
10/04/2018 Silver Star Brands Recalls Human and Animal Drug Products Due to Microbial Contamination
11/05/2018 Natural Life Pet Products Issues Recall of Dry Food Due to Elevated Levels of Vitamin D
11/07/2018 FDA Warns No More Fleas Please That Their Queen City Parasticides Are Not Approved Medications
11/13/2018 Nutrisca Expands Recall of Dry Dog Food Due to Elevated Levels of Vitamin D
11/28/2018 Sunshine Mills Recalls Certain Types of Evolve, Sportsman’s Pride, and Triumph Chicken and Rice Dry Dog Food Due to Elevated Levels of Vitamin D
12/03/2018 FDA Alerts Pet Owners about Potentially Toxic Levels of Vitamin D in Several Dry Dog Foods
12/07/2018 Columbia River Natural Pet Foods Recalls Cow Pie Fresh Frozen Meats for Dogs and Cats Because of Possible Listeria
12/10/2018 Specific Lots of 9Lives® Protein Plus® Wet Canned Cat Food Recalled Due to Low Levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
12/26/2018 Columbia River Natural Pet Foods Expands Recall to Include Cow Pie and Chicken & Vegetables Fresh Frozen Meats for Dogs and Cats Due to Possible Health Risk
01/14/2019 FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed One Lot of A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs Due to Salmonella
01/23/2019 FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed One Lot of Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Due to Salmonella and Listeria
03/26/2019 FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Their Pets Three Lots of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Raw Dog Food Due to Salmonella
04/01/2019 Nestle Purina Recalls a Limited Amount of Muse Wet Cat Food Natural Chicken Recipe in Gravy Due to the Potential Presence of Rubber Pieces
04/08/2019 Thogensen Family Farm Recalls Raw Frozen Ground Pet Food Because of Possible Listeria
05/21/2019 Hill’s Pet Nutrition Recall for Elevated Levels of Vitamin D Expanded
05/28/2019 Norbrook Laboratories Limited Recalls Veterinary Products to Provide Sterility Assurance
05/30/2019 FDA: Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Pet Hedgehogs
06/19/2019 RXQ Compounding, LLC Recalls All Sterile Products, Including Veterinary Products
06/27/2019 Central Aquatics Recalls Aqueon Betta Food Due to Possible Salmonella
06/28/2019 Cyanobacterial Poisonings
07/23/2019 Compounded Unapproved Animal Drugs from Rapid Equine Solutions Linked to Three Horse Deaths
08/05/2019 Lennox Intl. Inc. Recalls Pig Ears Dog Treats Due to Salmonella
08/14/2019 Texas Tripe Pet Food Products Recalled Due to Listeria
08/21/2019 Dog Goods USA Recalls Chef Toby Pig Ears Treats Due to Salmonella
08/23/2019 Altaire Pharmaceuticals Recalls Veterinary Ophthalmic Products
08/28/2019 Brutus & Barnaby LLC Recalls All Pig Ears Natural Treats Due to Salmonella
08/29/2019 FDA Investigates Contaminated Pig Ear Pet Treats Connected to Human Salmonella Infections
08/30/2019 FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Certain Lots of Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Frozen Raw Pet Food Due to Salmonella & Listeria
09/11/2019 Hospira Recalls One Lot of Bacteriostatic Water for Injection Due to Lack of Sterility