Oregon State Fair

August 23 - September 2, 2019

Columbia Hall
Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem
Our volunteers are staffing the booth from 10 am - 8 pm, most days.

Booth Theme


This year, the OVMA booth will focus on zoonotic diseases in all types of animals (companion animals, equine, livestock, exotics, birds) and how to prevent them for the health and wellbeing of both animals and people.

A zoonotic disease is a disease that can be passed from animals to humans. These diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Humans can contract zoonotic or vector-borne diseases through contact with an animal, its bodily fluids, its infected waste or its living environment; by contact with water or soil contaminated by infected animal waste; by eating meat from infected animals or eating food such as fruits and vegetables that have been contaminated by infected animal waste; or through vectors—such from infected animals to humans via mosquitoes, fleas or ticks.

Learn more about zoonotic diseases and how to prevent them:

Ask a Vet

Come by our booth and Ask a Vet your pet, equine or animal-related question! Veterinarian volunteers available at various times throughout the course of the Fair.


Service Animals in Training

We hope to have friends from Canine Companions for Independence Cascade Chapter (CCI) visiting the booth. Come get some puppy love!


Photo Booth

Kids can dress up like a veterinarian in our photo booth/play area. Snap a pic, post it on social, tag us (@oregonvma on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) + use hashtag #osfdvm!

Volunteers Needed

Are you a veterinarian or veterinary team member who wants to volunteer in our booth at the Fair? Please view our volunteer roster here.