International Pet Travel Requirements

Veterinarians looking for information on these requirements? Please visit this page.

Bringing Pets into Oregon from Outside the United States

Oregon’s import regulations for pets entering Oregon from outside of the United States require the following:

  • A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is required, issued no more than 30 days prior to entry. This certificate must state: "This animal has not been exposed to rabies nor has rabies been diagnosed within a radius of 50 miles within the past six months."
  • For animals four months and older, current rabies vaccination required according to manufacturer´s instructions (1 or 3 year vaccine). 

No formal quarantine period is required in most instances. For more information about these requirements, or if you are planning to import animals into Oregon to sell them, call the Department of Agriculture at (503) 986-4680.

Taking Pets Outside the Continental United States

If you plan to take your pet outside of the United States, you will need to be aware of the import requirements of the country to which you plan to travel. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate embassy or consulate at least four weeks before your trip.

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) (sometimes also called a "health certificate") must be issued by an USDA endorsed veterinarian. Most veterinarians carry this endorsement and are able to write CVIs. If you are planning a trip, ask your veterinarian about the required documentation.

If required by the country you are traveling to, export certifications and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection endorsements are handled by the USDA APHIS office in Washington. Consult with your veterinarian to see if an endorsement is needed.

Your airline or a full-service travel agency can provide additional information about animal care requirements for international flights.

Due to the complexity of international travel/moves with pets, you may wish to enlist a professional pet relocation service.

Requirements of Various Countries + Hawaii

Check with the appropriate consulate, embassy or the USDA about the accuracy of the following requirements as they may change from time to time:

Entering Hawaii

Hawaii has quarantine and health requirements for arriving pets that you should plan in advance for.

Entering Mexico

Requirements for Mexico

Entering Canada

Requirments for Canada

Entering Japan

Requirements for Japan

Japan's importation requirements include rabies vaccination, ISO microchip, and notification of your intent to import your animal into Japan at least 40 days prior to your arrival. It is recommended that you start the process several months before you plan to travel.

Entering the European Union and the United Kingdom

Requirements for the EU

Note: It is unclear how the UK exit from the EU will affect these requirements.

Other Countries

The USDA has compiled a reference list for international travel requirements for domestic pets.

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Sources: Oregon Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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